I Have a New Girlfriend Now

It is a really sweet deal for me, although to be honest I have been lucking out for a long time. Up until this I was living almost free of charge in the spare room of this guy I have known for years. He makes a lot of money on betting sites, mostly by playing a lot of poker. I am not sure that he does it all honestly, but of course poker is a really rough game and it is not any of my business if he does do stuff to other gamblers. At any rate he was spending a lot of time in random places where you can play poker in person. He has told me stories about illegal games getting robbed or people trying to jump him after he left a game with a lot of cash, so he decided that this was a bad way to go about this sort of business.

At any rate he got himself a girlfriend to look after his dogs and his bird when he is out of town, but it did not really bother me much at all. I got myself a girl of my own or it would be more accurate to say that she has gotten me. I would have thought that she was out of my league to start with, especially since her uncle is my boss. He introduced me and I am pretty sure he was pimping me out in an effort to stop her from dating someone that he thought was bad news. One way or the other she let me know that she was open to the idea and I did not take long to think about. She told me to move into her extra room when I told her I was looking for a new place, no rent.

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